Settling In

It has been 2 months and a half since I moved in to new condo.

Since I have been super busy (I was out for 2 weeks for business trip), I have not even had a house warming party but I finally managed to schedule one.  I ordered bunch of drinks, snacks and paper plates from Costco/Instcart.  

There are still a few more things I need to deal with.

  • I still need to have my furnace cleaned.
  • Half of my pendant lights are broken — need to replace them.
  • I installed the lever of bathroom water opposite way — need to fix it.
  • Should I paint or do not pain the deck.
  • I should send a note to my neighbors about the party.

Below is a card i sent via paperless post.  I love the cat pot.

I should think about something easy to cook or maybe i can cater. Tomorrow I need to go to DC and will come back on Thursday - that will give me 2 days to prepare…

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Sigma DP2Q

One thing I noticed about DP2Q is it produces green cast when bright light source is inside the frame.  

It must be due their design of sensor, I love back lit portrait and this is too bad. 

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  • 書き込み速度が改善されている
  • 白飛び軽減の画素の効果はよくわからない
  • カラー、逆光では緑の色かぶりが起きる。これはソフトウェアであるていど補正できるが、手間がかかる
  • モノクロームで使う場合は、非常に美しいと思う。
  • 人肌の色再現は、昼の太陽光だと悪くない。それ以外の光源だとよくない。これは付属のソフトウェアのSPPでの色の補正がやりにくいことにもよる。これは最近出た Data Colorの色を補正するカードとソフトウェアを使ったらより簡単に補正できるのではないかと期待している。
  • 電池の持ちがよくなった


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